How do I connect to a Zoom Online session?

If you are taking a Live Online Class that is delivered in the Moodle platform, click the link at the top of the page that says Zoom Online Classroom

If you are taking Blended Live or Stepping Stones class that is delivered in the Bridgeway Learning Center, click on Zoom tab in the BLC and then select your Live Class meeting. See this page for more information: Blended LMS Zoom

Selecting Your Class

After clicking on the Zoom Online Classroom, select the specific class you wish to join by clicking on JOIN next to the class name.

Download the App

If you have not yet joined a Zoom meeting, you will be asked to download the app at this time. This app is trustworthy. You can also open Zoom in your browser if you do not wish to download the app.

If you are logged into your Bridgeway Microsoft account when selecting the option to join your class, you are authenticated immediately and do not need to have a Zoom account or login into Zoom.

Click the link below if you are having issues connecting.

Zoom Troubleshooting

Testing Your Computer Audio/Video

When you join a Zoom meeting you will be prompted with the window shown below. Select the Test Computer Mic and Speakers option. 

  • Test your sound by clicking on the Test Speaker button and watching the volume bar move. Test your microphone by clicking on the Test Mic button and recording yourself speaking.
    • Select the speaker dropdown and try a different speaker source if you can't hear the other side
    • Select the microphone dropdown and try a different audio source if the other side can't hear you
    • We recommend keeping the "automatically adjust microphone settings" enabled
    • Close the window to return to the main screen.

  • After testing your audio select the Join Audio Conference by Computer button.

(Helpful Hint: If you don’t see this option select the Join Audio button in the lower-left corner of your screen)

Zoom Controls

The Zoom controls are shown below including options for: mute, share video camera, participant list, chat and how to leave a meeting.

Muting Your Sound

During a meeting it is easy to mute your microphone when you aren’t speaking by clicking on the microphone icon in the bottom left side of your screen(shown in screen shot above).It is usually best to mute your sound if you are not actively speaking.

Using a Phone Number Instead of Computer Audio

If you have any problems with your audio, click the up arrow next to the microphone button.  Choose Switch to Phone Audio. You will be given a phone number, the meeting ID, and a participant ID to enter into your phone.

Technical Help

If you need technical assistance, please contact our help desk at or email